Monday, April 20, 2009

Vote for me, Mister Bean!!!!

Something fun and exciting has happened at Casa de Beano! My blog has been nominated as Best Peg Blog at Vote for me, Mister Bean!!! I can't give you a stimulus package if I win, because My MaMaFigure and That Man are saving up to have me "fixed". I don't know what "fixed" means. I would rather have sunglasses to wear with my new T-shirt. I'm wearing it in the picture. It says stuff like Supa Star, Woof Woof, and Dogz Rule. I promise if I win I will be the Best Pet Blogger forever. I will tell you about how me and my sister like to watch the toilet flush together and about the haunted doghouse behind the lawnmower shed. My MaMaFigure says if you want to vote for me go to and you will see the name of my blog in a list on the right. It is almost at the bottom. Oh, she almost have to register first. Then you can find my name on the list. Then click on my blog name and you should see a real nice description of my blog. Thank you for saying nice things about it!!! At the bottom of the description you will see 10 stars. If you like my blog a lot, then click on the last star on the right! Awesome!! You can leave a comment too! By the way, your last day to vote is April 30th. Thank you for voting me me, Mister Bean!!!

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