Sunday, May 17, 2009

This is Not a Fun and Exciting Blog!

All I have heard for the past 4 weeks is "it's time to have them fixed", "it's time to have them fixed". Me and LuLu didn't know what they were talking about and we didn't care. We were busy riding the porch swing and walking out in the yard and barking at birds at the birdfeeder. Finally, the day came. Last Thursday morning, My MaMaFigure and That Man put us in our car boxes and My MaMaFigure drove us to a place called Wally's Friends to have us "fixed". LuLu barked and barked and made freakish noises the whole way down there and she made me bark too! When we got there My MaMaFigure called That Man and told him it had been a nightmarish ride. She told us she would be back to get us Friday morning. She didn't look very happy. Sure enough, she was back again Friday morning to get us!! I was so happy to see her I jumped into her arms and peed all over her. She said she didn't even care! The Doctor Who Fixed Us was right behind the woman who was carrying me to My MaMaFigure and he was carrying LuLu. Everybody in the room said, "Aw, two of them! They are so cute!" My MaMaFigure and the Doctor Who Fixed Us carried us to the car and put us in our car boxes. This time, LuLu was very quiet. But, I barked and barked and barked and barked and barked and barked all the way home. LuLu stayed in her house all day and was really, really quiet. I wanted to be with My MaMaFigure and The Grandboy out on the porch. I felt pretty good, until..... The next morning. I couldn't hardly sit on my bottom and I was hurting so bad I was trembling and shaking. Meanwhile, LuLu was running around all over the place like nothing had ever happened! Like she had never been fixed! My MaMaFigure and That Man were amazed! She hadn't been like this since she came to live with us! But I was miserable. The Grandgirl and The Grandboy spent the night with us Saturday night. I didn't even feel like playing with them. I just crawled into my house and lay there, trembling. I woke My MaMaFigure up at 2:30 Sunday morning. I was hurting so bad. I was shaking. She held me and rocked me in her rocking chair and asked That Man if he thought some Benedryl would help me settle down. He said he didn't think it would hurt me, so My MaMaFigure gave me some Benedryl and she prayed that I would get better and stop hurting because she cannot stand for anything to suffer. They were real worried about me and she rocked me for a long time and finally I stopped trembling so much and we went back to bed. I slept for a little while and when I woke up the next morning I didn't hurt at first, but pretty soon I started hurting again and That Man told My MaMaFigure to call the Doctor Who Fixed Us and get me some medicine to make me stop hurting. In the meantime, LuLu was running around like a New Woman. She finally wanted to play Blobs and New Squirrel and Pink Flamingo and Tug of War and games I had never even heard of! I just laid there on my pillow, trembling. My MaMaFigure even had to squirt water in my mouth because I wouldn't drink anything! The Doctor Who Fixed Us called and told My MamaFigure to come and get some medicine for me. She did and I took it and pretty soon I sat up without my bottom hurting and I crawled out of my house and drank some water on my own! I got petted a whole lot by That Man and My MaMaFigure and LuLu was happy too! My MamaFigure took a picture of LuLu in her new pink harness and without duct tape diapers! She looks real pretty! And she won't ever have to deal with the "inheat" thing again. I think that makes her real happy! When My MaMaFigure was researching getting "fixed" everybody told her it would be easy for me to get over and hard for LuLu to get over. That is so not true!!! You can see from the picture below that I could not sit on my bottom. My MaMaFigure even brought my favorite cushion in from the porch for me to sit on, but I couldn't sit because my bottom hurt. And I couldn't lay down because I couldn't stand to put my back legs together. And I couldn't walk because where "they" used to be hurt so bad when I moved my legs. I was in a mess!! So, if anybody ever tells you that a boy dog will be fine after he's fixed, you tell them that Mister Bean says "You're nuts!"
Here is a picture of The Grandgirl and The Grandboy in a tree at their house. They love me and LuLu and help That Man and My MaMaFigure take care of us when they are at our house.
Thank you for reading my blog. This one was not fun and exciting.
Mister Bean
P.S. Happy Birthday to That Man!! I woof you!!