Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adventures in Camping with Me and LuLu!!

 Me and LuLu have been looking at camping pictures and remi..remeni..thinking about all the awesome camping trips we have been on with My MamaFigure, That Man, The Grandboy and The Grandgirl. I was just a little pup when I went on my first camping trip, and I was really good at it. You can read about it here: and here: and here:

When LuLu came to live with us she didn't know anything about camping and I had to teach her everything! Here is a picture of me and LuLu on her first camping trip. She is attending Mister Bean's  School of Camping. The first class was How to Make That Man Nervous During Quiet Time. During Quiet Time everybody in the campground has to be quiet. There is no Loud Talking and No Barking. LuLu's first lesson was to bark and bark and bark and bark and bark until That Man gives us treats to shut us up.
She is really good at making That Man nervous during Quiet Time.

Pretty soon she was almost as good at camping as I am.
She can do this: 

Here is a picture of me inside the camper. I think I look pretty good in this picture, like a rugged, lean camping pug.

 That Man got a fence for us to stay in while we are camping. It protects all the squirrels, rabbits and possums from us.

  The second class in Mister Bean's School of Camping was How to Fill Up the Camper with Lethal Pug Gas When You Want Everyone to Get Up in the Morning.  Here is a picture LuLu in a laboratory setting practicing her gas letting.   

 Here is a good picture of me with The Grandboy. He always sleeps in the top bunk and I like to play Space Alien Camping Pirate Pugs with him. We pretend I have laser telescopic vision. 

 Here is a picture of Roscoe. We met him during our last Fall Break Camping Trip. LuLu has a crush on him. He has his own Winnebago and someone drives it for him! LuLu says he looks so suave sitting in the window of his Winnebago!

Sometimes LuLu get really tired when we are camping. She is not an early morning pug.
But then we make our plans for the day and she gets happy.
Me and LuLu can't wait until it gets warm and we go camping again!!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Mister Bean

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today is my Gotcha Day!!!!

My MamaFigure says January 16th is an important day. She says this is my Gotcha Day! That Man says he doesn't know why it isn't televised.

This is how I came to live with My MamaFigure and That Man:

Two years ago my MamaFigure, who wasn't my MamaFigure right then, wanted a puppy real bad. She looked at puppies everywhere, but she said even though they were all real sweet puppies none of them 'captured her heart'.  Then, one morning she woke up and said to That Man "It all came to me last night, it was like it had already happened! We are going to get a pug puppy, a fawn-colored little boy, and his name will be Mister Bean!" That Man said "okay".  

My MamaFigure's friend told her where she could get a pug puppy. So, on January 16, 2009, My MamaFigure (who still wasn't My MamaFigure yet), That Man, the Grandboy and the Grandgirl went to another city in Tennessee to get a pug puppy. It was on a Friday and My MamaFigure even stayed home from work to come and get me!

This is where I come in....My MamaFigure saw three pug puppies in a box. One of them was a little girl, and the other two were little boys, and one of those little boys was me. My MamaFigure (she still wasn't My MamaFigure yet) said to That Man "how am I going to choose just one?" And That Man said "let him choose you." So, she picked up the other little boy first, and he squirmed in her arms. He acted like he wanted to be put back in the box! The Grandgirl picked me up first and I looked at My MamaFigure (she was just seconds away from actually being My MamaFigure) and I fell in love with her. I saw the other little boy pug scratching her and trying to get away from her and I knew what I had to do! When My MamaFigure took me from the Grandgirl, I rolled up in a ball under her neck. I didn't squirm at all!! That Man said "it looks like he's chosen you."

The next thing I know I was being carried out to That Man's truck BY MY MAMAFIGURE!!! The Grandboy and the Grandgirl held me in the back seat all the way home. 

Here is a picture of me two days after My MamaFigure got me. I was nine weeks old.

My MamaFigure likes to take pictures of me. I always think I look pretty good.

This picture was taken the day My MamaFigure got me. I am riding in the back seat of That Man's truck with the Grandboy and the Grandgirl.

We went to a pet store and I got to go in and everybody made a big fuss over me. I got my own bowls, one for water and one for food, and treats and a collar, and a leash, and two toys!

So, today we are going to celebrate my Gotcha Day!  That Man says he doesn't know why WalMart doesn't cash in on this and sell decorations for people's houses.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Mister Bean

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mister Bean's Original Poem "The Awesome Thing That LuLu Did"

 Me and LuLu have decided we like snow! My MamaFigure got to stay home with us for two days! 
Then  The Grandboy came to our house and played with us! Good times! Then we got to lay in That Man's recliner with him and take long naps.

The snow is still on the ground and it is very cold outside, so My MamaFigure and That Man rush us when we have to make our pees and poops. Then, LuLu did something awesome! It was so awesome that I had to write a poem about it!

It is called

"The Awesome Thing that LuLu Did"
by Mister Bean

The flakes fell all night, it was white all 'round,
and the next day we found that we were snowbound.

So smooth and pure was the ground that day,
and the trees were filled with color of cardinal and jay.

My MamaFigure, in awe, laid down this decree
"Do your business in the back and let the front yard be."

But, LuLu, undaunted, and with urge uncontrolled,
dragged That Man to the front yard, where she squatted to go.

From the porch that evening, as My MamaFigure gazed
upon white glass-like snow and the icy cold glaze

her brow she did furrow, and her eyes she did squint
at a small dark object in the snow's shiny glint.

In an expanse of pure white, and under color of bird
placed there in rebellion: LuLu's tiny turd.

Thank you for reading my blog.
Mister Bean

Here is a picture of the front yard.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pugs in the Snow

 My MamaFigure has been home all week with me and LuLu and That Man. It snowed a lot and she can't go to work. We like for her to be home. She gives us treats and we don't even have to do anything but hang around her! 

My MamaFigure usually stays busy, but she watched a TV show about dogs that pull sleds in the snow! They race to see which dogs can get somewhere first! I don't know where they are going, but I'll bet they get a good treat when they get there.

Here is a picture of me watching the sled dogs with my MamaFigure.

 All of the sled pulling dogs look like wild dogs! And they kept barking and barking, and they made me bark too! Then LuLu started barking and she wasn't even watching them! The person riding the sled kept saying "Mush! Mush!" All of the dog's names must be Mush! Every time he said Mush, they ran faster! That's when I got an idea! Me and LuLu could be the first sled pulling pugs !

So, they next time My MamaFigure took me out to pee and poop, I acted like I was a sled pulling dog. I took off running across the back yard before she got off the steps. She said "Mister Bean! Mister Bean!" and I ran even faster, just like the dogs named Mush! . 

Here is a picture of me. This is what you will see when I'm the Leader of the Pack. I think I look pretty good in this picture.

Then, it was LuLu's turn to pee and poop and practice pulling a sled. LuLu is my best friend in the whole world, but I don't know if she will make the team. Her legs are short and she even struggled to make a pee and a poop in the deep snow. Here is a picture of her.
Later, My MamaFigure asked us if we wanted to play on the Big Porch. She made the big mistake of saying "you need to wear your Snuggies" and LuLu ran under the dining room table. LuLu doesn't like to wear clothes or take baths.

I ran out the door before My MamaFigure could get the Snuggies from the piano bench. None of the dogs named Mush wear Snuggies.  When LuLu saw me on the Big Porch, Snuggie-less, she finally wanted to come out too, so That Man opened the door for her. I practiced sled pulling on the Big Porch while My MamaFigure filled her birdfeeders. I don't think LuLu is serious about being a sled pulling pug, like I am. She stayed on the Little Porch where there was no snow. 

Thank you for reading my blog.

Mister Bean