Saturday, October 17, 2009

We're Off Again!!!

Today My MamaFigure says to me "Mister Bean! You have been a slacker this summer! You need to do some blogging so people will know what you've been doing!" Well, me and LuLu have been playing on the Big Porch and swinging on the swing with My MaMaFigure, and That Man takes us out every day for a walk. We have been real busy today getting ready to go on our Annual Fall Break Camping Trip. Me and LuLu have never been on the Fall Break Camping Trip, but we like camping, so we know it will be fun and exciting! Our MamaFigure gave us a bath, she says a clean dog is a happy dog. LuLu just rolls her eyes behind our MamaFigure's back and runs to hide under the table. I go right to the bathtub. I like baths!! Here is a picture of us after our bath. LuLu thinks she is getting a little porky since she 'got fixed', so she didn't want to look directly in the camera. My eyes turned blue in the picture and My MaMaFigure fixed one of them with the edit thingie, but the other one wouldn't fix. I think I look waaaay cool, like a space alien pirate pug!! We always take toys with us when we go camping and this time we are taking Tug-of-War Rope, Skunky and the Blob Boys with us. I hope the Blob Boys stay out of trouble!! Sometimes they like to run off and hide! And you don't find them until you take the cushion off the chair and there they are, smiling up at you. I hope they don't run off while we are camping. Sometimes My MaMaFigure and That Man says to me "Mister Bean! Squeak the squeaker!"and I run through the house to find one of the Blob Boys, because their squeaker is easy to squeak! I will be back next week to let you know more about our fun and exciting Fall Break Camping Trip and if the Blob Boys made it back home! Thank you for reading my blog. Sincerely, Mister Bean