Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween! Grease is the Word!

Me and LuLu knew it would happen! When the leaves start changing colors and the scary scarecrows sit on the fireplace and the Big Porch, My MaMaFigure makes us wear strange clothes.

We have been a space pug, a fairy, a pink pig with wings, a bumblebee, a unicorn and a cow, but this year My MaMaFigure said we were going to be Danny Zuko and Sandy Olson. 

I am a T-Bird and LuLu is a Pink Lady.
That Man and My MaMaFigure say that Grease is one of those movies you have to watch when you are flipping channels, like Coal Miner's Daughter, Forrest Gump, A League of Their Own (LuLu's favorite) and A Christmas Story. My MaMaFigure says even though she likes the movie, Barry Gibb must have been stoned when he wrote the song. Grease is the Word! It's got groove! It's got meaning! Grease is a time, it's a place, it's a motion! Grease is the way we are feeling!

When My MaMaFigure pulled my new jacket out of the bag, I began to feel like a rebel. Like I was cool. It is black with a T-bird sign on the back and I look real good in it.
This is a picture of me with my T-Bird jacket. I think I look pretty good in this picture.
LuLu's jacket is pink and it has Pink Ladies written on the back. LuLu ran under the table when she saw My MaMaFigure take it out of the bag. LuLu doesn't like to wear clothes or take baths.

LuLu says she will wear the jacket, but she refuses to be Sandy Olsen. She says she is Betty Rizzo. She says Sandy tried to impress Danny Zuko by wearing high heels and black leather and frizzing up her hair and smoking cigarettes. She says Rizzo would have pulled double majors in political science and criminal justice. Then she would have worked with the FBI and CIA with special security clearances from the government, eventually running both agencies, and she wouldn't have cared if she impressed anybody.  She says at the end of the movie, Danny and Sandy fly away in a flying car! She said Rizzo would have piloted a Chinook helicopter.

LuLu tried to run and hide when she saw her jacket. She says pink and black is a pretentious color combination and she is not Sandy Olsen. She says she is Betty Rizzo.
I went right over to My MaMaFigure so she could put my new jacket on me. I got a new attitude, like I was a hood. Like I wanted to drive a hot rod car and listen to rockabilly music. I started calling That Man "Daddy-O" and My MaMaFigure "Old Lady" and using words I've never heard before!

We always hang on the Big Porch when we wear our strange threads. Cats and chicks were makin' the scene. It was crazy, man. Daddy-O and My Old Lady were cookin', handing out candy to the ankle-biters. We were diggin' the bash, jammin' with the vinyls the Old Lady was spinnin'. Can you dig it?

My MaMaFigure popped my collar and I think it makes me look tough. I look pretty good in this picture too.

A neighbor dog stopped by our crib asking questions about our jackets. I asked him if he was cruisin' for a bruisin'? He said not to get bummed out, he thought we looked bad, so we were tight after that. Daddy-O and My Old Lady eyeballed him and he booked it outta there.

Here's a picture of me and LuLu. The end of our jackets kept flipping up because of our curly tails. I still look good though, like a T-Bird!
It got dark and cold and Daddy-O and My Old Lady said it was time to go in, so I told LuLu it was time to make like a tree and leave. We went inside and piled up some z's on My Old Lady's chair.

See ya later alligators,
Mister Bean