Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Monsters Next Door

It has been15 weeks, 6 days, 13 hours and 46 minutes since my last post. Me and LuLu have licked our feet 16,896,502 times since you last heard from me. That Man has told us to stop licking our feet
16, 896, 502 times. We are very loud feet-lickers and he says it gets on his nerves.  LuLu says That Man  is going stir-crazy.

We finally got to go out on the Big Porch! Yaaaayyyyy!!! My MaMaFigure says the days are getting longer and she is happy!! That Man says they are still just 24 hours long.

There was a big surprise waiting for us when we went to the Big Porch!!!!!

Four monsters moved in next door!!!!!!

Here is a picture of two of the monsters. Me and LuLu barked and barked and barked at them, but all they did was lift up their tail and poop!!!! They poop BIG!!! And they don't get any treats when they poop. My MaMaFigure told That Man she would like to have some of the Monster Poop for her gardens. 

I wrote a poem for My MaMaFigure about the Monsters. It is called:

A Poem for My MaMaFigure About the Monsters

We never saw a Monster before,
and now four have moved in next door. 

They don't do much, just stand around and poop,
it looks wet and sticky, like a pile of black goop. 

My MaMaFigure wants Monster Poop for her gardens,
She said That Man could go get her some poop when it hardens.

 The End

This is another one of the Monsters. That Man says if we don't stop barking at the Monsters while we are sitting on the Big Porch he is going to put us in the fence with them. LuLu says "bring it on!", but I noticed they have Big Hard Monster Feet. And Long Monster Faces with Big Monster Teeth. And sometimes they make Loud Monster Sounds.  I am scared of them. 

Here is a picture of LuLu. She is working up a bark so she can bark at the Monsters. She is going to get us in big trouble.

Here is a picture of me. I have a very expressive face and a toned physique. 
I think I look pretty good in this picture.  

Thank you for reading my blog.
Mister Bean