Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year! (Whatever that is.)

Me and LuLu were just figuring out Christmas when all of a was over! My MaMaFigure says that's the way Christmas is, you spend weeks getting ready for it and then poof! it's over!

Me and LuLu got new toys in our stockings. LuLu got a butterfly. When she pulled it out of her stocking she got real excited and she took it under the dining room table. She says to me "Finally! A flying speciman!" She says she is going to study the butterfly's aerodynamics and figure out how it flies. I could hear her under the table while everyone else was opening presents. She was saying stuff like E equals M C square and the theory of relativity and stuff about thrust and propulsion. LuLu wants to fly really bad. Then I heard her say something about pie and I thought I might like flying too if there is a chance I would get some pie. She told me the pie was square root pie and I wasn't interested anymore because I like chicken pie.

 I got a turtle!! The squeaker is under his shell! Here is a picture of me squeaking the squeaker in my new turtle. LuLu says I might be able to use the squeaker to communicate with space pugs!

A few days after Christmas My MaMafigure and That Man stayed up a long time. Me and LuLu were sleepy and wanted to go to bed, but My MaMaFigure said she was going to watch the ball drop. Me and LuLu didn't know what she was talking about and we didn't really care, we were sleepy and laid down on the sofa by My MaMaFigure.

Then, all of a sudden, That Man yelled Happy New Year! Then My MaMaFigure yelled Happy New Year!! Me and LuLu woke up real fast and we jumped off the sofa and started running and barking!! That Man and My MaMaFigure were clapping their hands and yelling Happy New Year and laughing! We ran and barked and when we would stop they would clap and yell again and we would run and bark again. We didn't even know why we were running or what we were barking about!

Then That Man yelled Lock and Load! and we barked and ran again! Then My MaMaFigure yelled Eat More Chicken! and we barked and ran again! Then That Man yelled See Rock City! and we barked and ran some more! They were laughing and laughing and we were running and barking.

Finally, they stopped and we stopped and we went to bed. My MaMaFigure says it is not just a New Year, but a New Decade, but it's all the same to me and LuLu. All we want to do is play, eat, pee, poop, take naps and dream about flying and talking to space pugs.

Thank you for reading my blog,
Mister Bean