Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MB, SuperPug!!

This is MB SuperPug! Along with my trusty sidekick Secret SuperAgent uLuL, we patrol the planet Big Porch each evening, securing the boundaries from squirrels, chipmunks, circus clowns, hummingbirds, grain silos, teenage bicycle riders, bunny rabbits, falling leaves, ants, the hummingbird feeder, decorative flags, petunias and visitors.

Using my Laser Pug-O-Vision SuperPower, I locate possible marauders in the Far-Away Woods surrounding planet Big Porch! Alerting Secret SuperAgent uLuL with my Powerful SuperBark, she immediately runs the length of planet Big Porch, daring intruders to enter!!!

MB, SuperPug activating his Laser Pug-O-Vision SuperPower!!!
Oh no!!! My arch nemesis, The Fly Swat (being transported by That Man Zombie), is challenging my Laser Pug-O-Vision SuperPower ability! That Man Zombie, prompted by The Fly Swat, tells me in a mean zombie voice "You don't see anything out there! Shut up!" Unafraid, I continue my PowerFul SuperBark, as my Laser Pug-O-Vision zones in on a tiny, almost invisible caterpillar in the Far-Away Woods.

Secret SuperAgent uLuL bravely continues to patrol the porch.  The Fly Swat then turns That Man Zombie around and goes towards Secret SuperAgent uLuL!! "Shutup!" Fly Swat directs That Man Zombie to say in a fierce zombie voice!!

Super SecretAgent uLuL squats, threatening to unleash her Secret Weapon...A MegaPoop!!! "Curses!" says Fly Swat, voiced by That Man Zombie. Defeated, Fly Swat releases That Man from being a zombie and retires to its hideout, a nail behind That Man's chair, to plot it's next threat against me and Secret SuperAgent uLuL as we continue our mission to keep planet Big Porch a safe and secure place to spend the evening.
Secret SuperAgent uLuL. She doesn't have any SuperPowers like I do, but she has a Secret Weapon.

Me and Secret Agent uLuL jump into the moving chair and survey planet Big Porch. I think I look pretty good in this picture, and humble too. No one would ever suspect that I am MB, SuperPug, with Laser Pug-O-Vision and the Powerful SuperBark!! Secret SuperAgent uLuL contained her Secret Weapon for our next mission.
Mission accomplished.

Thank you for reading my blog.
Mister Bean