Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Pug in the Wild: My Adventures in Camping Part One

Me, My MamaFigure, That Man, The Grandboy and The Grandgirl just got back from our three day camping trip. Now I know what camping is all about. It is one big, long walk. That Man told My MamaFigure that pugs are famous for short bursts of energy followed by long naps. I haven't had a nap since Tuesday. Here is a picture of me, smiling really, really big, with The Grandboy and The Grandgirl. This picture was taken early on Day One, so I really didn't know what was in store for me.
Me, The Grandboy and The Grandgirl scored big at the park's gift shop. I got a new stuffed squirrel. By this time, I am ready for a nap, but no nap was in sight. I couldn't even bother to tear my new squirrel out of the package.
Here is a picture of me faking a sniff at a a stump. I had to take a break, so I pretended to smell something. Once I was really getting into some fresh deer poop, but just when it was really getting interesting My MamaFigure pulled me away.
Here I am, at the end of Day One, wondering if the next two days will be be like today.


  1. Mister Bean,
    My mom maybe wishes to bring me and Toby camping but is scared how dirty we would become. Dad does not really understand what the big deal is.
    Love, Marlene

  2. Hi ! I love your dog ! What kind is it? 'cause i want someone exactly like yours but i never knew how they're called.

    thanks so much! loved the photos!
    kisses from argentina !