Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mister Bean's Original Poem "The Awesome Thing That LuLu Did"

 Me and LuLu have decided we like snow! My MamaFigure got to stay home with us for two days! 
Then  The Grandboy came to our house and played with us! Good times! Then we got to lay in That Man's recliner with him and take long naps.

The snow is still on the ground and it is very cold outside, so My MamaFigure and That Man rush us when we have to make our pees and poops. Then, LuLu did something awesome! It was so awesome that I had to write a poem about it!

It is called

"The Awesome Thing that LuLu Did"
by Mister Bean

The flakes fell all night, it was white all 'round,
and the next day we found that we were snowbound.

So smooth and pure was the ground that day,
and the trees were filled with color of cardinal and jay.

My MamaFigure, in awe, laid down this decree
"Do your business in the back and let the front yard be."

But, LuLu, undaunted, and with urge uncontrolled,
dragged That Man to the front yard, where she squatted to go.

From the porch that evening, as My MamaFigure gazed
upon white glass-like snow and the icy cold glaze

her brow she did furrow, and her eyes she did squint
at a small dark object in the snow's shiny glint.

In an expanse of pure white, and under color of bird
placed there in rebellion: LuLu's tiny turd.

Thank you for reading my blog.
Mister Bean

Here is a picture of the front yard.


  1. Wow, what a pretty front yard! Even with the turd (which we really can't see in the pic, hence the arrow, I guess). Lulu sounds like another little Lulu I know -- Harry Pugalicious's sister! A little rebel they both are!

  2. BOL! Mister Bean, you are such a great poet! Tell Lulu not to worry... we puggies are so cute & the humans can't help but love us!


  3. well what can i say but just terriffic!!!!!!!!!!!! well done shelia now there is another big grin on my face.thankyou.