Friday, April 17, 2009

A.P.B. on The Blob

I love playing with my toys. I really like the mouse that my Aunt JuJu gave me. It ran around and around on the kitchen floor and I chased it. See it's face? I chewed it up. My MaMaFigure said it was dangerous for me to play with it now, so she put it on top of the TV cabinet. See my Nylabone? I chewed little pieces off it and That Man was afraid I would get choked, so he put it on top of the TV cabinet with my mouse. I miss them. See Squeaky's leg and foot by my blue elephant? One night I chewed it off and I ran around and around That Man's chair with it hanging out of my mouth. That Man was yelling 'he's going to get choked!' and My MaMaFigure was yelling 'catch him, catch him!' They chased me around the chair, but I was fast! Finally, I stopped to plan my next move and My MaMaFigure caught me and stuck her finger in my mouth because That Man said I had swallowed Squeaky's foot. I fooled them! I dropped it on the other side of the chair! It was a fun and exciting night! That Man put Squeaky and his leg and foot on the TV cabinet with my mouse and my Nylabone and I miss him.
Here's a picture of me when I was real little. My MaMaFigure bought me A Blob. He always smiled at me no matter how hard I chewed him. He went missing two weeks ago. We can't find him anywhere and I don't know why he ran away. I wish he would come back.
My MaMaFigure got two beds for me with her CVS Bonus Bucks. They were real nice. I had one in the living room and one in the sewing room. I took naps on them and then one day I thought they looked very chewable. And they were. See the blue stuffing coming out of the sewing room bed? My MaMaFigure looked up from her sewing and she said I looked like a Smurf with a blue beard. She got up and came towards me and I ran out of the room with the blue stuffing hanging out of my mouth and down my chin. She caught me and took my stuffing away from me. She put my bed on the back porch. It was too big to put on the TV cabinet with my mouse, my Nylabone and Squeaky and Squeaky's leg and foot. The next day I chewed my living room bed and got blue stuffing all over the living room. Now it's on the back porch with my sewing room bed. I don't have a bed now. Or The Blob. I wish he would come back. I wonder why he ran away?
See my Blue Elephant? My Aunt JuJu got it for me on my very first day home. I love my Aunt JuJu. She and Uncle Fred are going to have a baby. I wonder if I will get to play with it? My Blue Elephant is on top of the TV cabinet with my mouse, my Nylabone and Squeaky and Squeaky's leg and foot because I chewed the stuffing out of it. And there are lots of threads sticking out of it. And I unraveled one of it's eyes. My MaMaFigure tried to sew it back on, but it is a little lop-sided.
Two weeks ago my MamaFigure got me a Pink Flamingo with her CVS Bonus Bucks. The next day I chewed the rope off and she had to sew it back on. Then I chewed off the black wing tip. My MaMaFigure sewed it back on, but I chewed it off again. That is the day that The Blob went missing. That Man forgets it is a Pink Flamingo and he calls it a Penguin. My MaMaFigure said he has always gotten them confused. You can really see Squeaky good in this picture. See the stuffing coming out of him? I miss him. The good thing about Squeaky was I could get a real good mouthful of him and squeak the squeaker. Those were good times.
My MaMaFigure stopped at Wal-Mart today and got me a New Blob. Here is a picture of me getting my chew on with New Blob. I like him and I think he likes me because he smiles at me just like Old Blob did.
Thank you for reading my blog.
Mister Bean

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  1. Mister Bean,
    I like your toys, but it is a bummer they are atop the t.v. now. I like to eat stuffing, too! I will get the stuffing and then when my mom sees that I have it, I run away from her real fast and swallow real hard. Also, sometimes she drops these little spongy things that she uses on her face and I like to run with those and chew them apart! I run faster than my mom.
    Love, Marlene