Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Treats, LuLu's Diaper and Robbers!!

There is a lot going on here at Casa de Beano. (Sister LuLu wants to call our home Chez LuLu. More about that later.) Anyway, fun and exciting things are happening here! We have been getting a new treat! We still get chewy treats (my favorite) for our daytime pees and poops, but when we come in from our darktime pee and poop My MaMaFigure says to us "Do ya'll want a cookie?" and I am all over it like ugly on an ape. Sister LuLu just looks up and smiles with her underbite teeth showing. Here are pictures of us about to get our darktime pee and poop treat.
I go totally nuts.
Sister LuLu is still 'inheat' and she wears a diaper all day, except for when we go out to pee. It has to be taped on with duct tape after 3 or 4 pee-pees. It doesn't look very good on her after that. My MaMaFigure says she will have to stop and get more diapers on her way home from her work. I hope she gets me some sunglasses. Sister LuLu stinks a little bit, well, actually she stinks a lot. My MaMaFigure and That Man say they will be glad when the 'inheat' goes away. So will I. She still won't play New Blobs or Pink Flamingo or New Squirrel with me.
I wrote a poem about her. Here it is.
LuLu's Diaper
by Mister Bean
Dear Little LuLu, stinky sister of mine,
when your diaper stops sticking duct tape works fine.
The End
There have been a lot of shady-looking dogs hanging around our house for the past few days. The Grandgirl and The Grandboy came to visit us after school yesterday and when the Grandgirl was walking Sister LuLu a beagle was standing in the driveway. We don't know him. And later, he was back with a Chihuahua. We don't know him either. And a curly-haired dog was standing under the bedroom window last night when we went to bed. We've never seen him before! I think I know why all these dogs are hanging around our house.
They want to rob us.
They found out about our new treats and our New Blobs. I hope That Man has some kind of plan to protect us because when the you-know-what hits the fan, I'm hiding under the bed.
Here is a picture of Sister LuLu. She'll never get a boyfriend if she doesn't stop wearing duct-tape diapers and start fixing herself up a little bit. She barks real funny too. My MaMaFigure says if Sister LuLu could talk she would say "Hey doll, here's a five, will you run to the Golden Gallon and get a pack of unfiltered Camels for me?"
Thank you for reading my blog.
Mister Bean

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