Monday, April 6, 2009

Me and the Easter Bunny

I always look forward to fun and exciting weekends with My MamaFigure and That Man. So I was happy when I woke up and My MamaFigure said, "Mister Bean, we are going bye-bye today! You're going to Walmart to see the Easter Bunny!" I know what "bye-bye" is, because we go bye-bye all the time and Walmart is where My MamaFigure and That Man get chewy treats (my favorite) for me, but what is an Easter Bunny?

 I twirled around in circles and ran to the back door. I like to ride in That Man's big truck. I pretend I am a hunting dog. When we got to Walmart I barked at people in the parking lot. I barked at a woman in flip-flops. I barked at two little boys who barked back at me! I barked at a man smoking a cigarette. They smiled because they all thought I was cute. When we got inside I barked at people standing in a line. I could see their mouths saying "Oh, what a cute pug", and I know they wanted to pet me and make a fuss over over me, but My MamaFigure was carrying me and walking really, really fast.

 I thought I would get to see place where all the chewy treats (my favorite) are kept, but My MamaFigure was almost running by this time. I barked at a man looking at fish, I barked at a little girl holding a book, I barked at a woman picking up light bulbs. But, we were moving so fast I couldn't even see their mouths saying "oh, he's cute". Then I saw That Man and I barked at him and he told My MamaFigure the Easter Bunny was there. I had forgotten about the Easter Bunny. What is an Easter Bunny anyway?

Then I saw him.

And I stopped barking.

My MamaFigure handed me to this ginormous white bunny with big pink ears and he wasn't wearing anything but a big bow tie. Two ladies, one with a camera, took a picture of me sitting in this big bunny's lap. They were saying I was cute, but I couldn't act cute because I was scared. I didn't bark or move because I was afraid the Easter Bunny would bite me with his big teeth.
Look at my droopy ears. And look at the Easter Bunny's mean eyes. He was holding me in a death grip and he didn't talk or make any noise at all, which scared me even more.
And then That Man took a picture of me. By this time, I am willing to take my chances and I am looking for an escape route.

I was going to run into the tulip patch behind me, but My MamaFigure rescued me right before the Easter Bunny decided to eat me. I didn't bark until we got home. I was afraid he would hear me and come and get me.
The happy ending is that I got two extra chewy treats (my favorite) when we got home. Later, I heard my MamaFigure tell my Mamaw that the only way I got to go in Walmart was because she told them I am a therapy dog. She says I make her laugh and that is good therapy.
I hope I never have to see the Easter Bunny again or I will need therapy.

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