Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shazam! I have a sister!!

Yesterday morning My MaMaFigure said 'We're going on a special bye-bye Mister Bean!" I was ready for another fun and exciting weekend with My MaMaFigure and That Man. My MaMaFigure said we were going to get me a sister. What is a sister? We had to drive a long ways to a place called Chickamauga Battlefield. I pooped when I got there and MyMaMaFigure felt real bad about it too, and so did That Man. I couldnt' help it. Well, in a few minutes a pug almost like me got out of a car and My MaMaFigure said, "There's your sister, Mister Bean!" She is real small. Smaller than me, even. We sniffed each other and after a little while she got in the truck with us. My MaMaFigure sat in the back seat with us and my sister growled at me and I climbed My MaMaFigure like she was a tree and sat on the back of the seat. I was scared.
Here is a picture of me with my sister. She has a green stuffed bear. And she snores. She eats a lot too. And she has lots of teeth. I don't know if she likes me or not. My MaMaFigure and That Man say she will have to get used to us, plus she has some girl-pug thing going on called "inheat". Whatever. All I want to do is play with her! I am not smiling in this picture because I am a little bewildered and I have lost all my baby teeth and My MaMaFigure says I have an old man mouth. But she says I am still her 'Pug o' My Heart.
Here we are with The Grandboy and The Grandgirl. The Grandgirl calls her LuLu. I like it when we are on the porch swing. LuLu takes a nap and doesn't growl at me. My MaMaFigure says LuLu might be a little gripey because of the "inheat" thing, whatever that is. I wish she would just get over it so we could play with our New Blobs, her green bear, my Hamburger that I found hiding in the crate, and New Squirrel.
She is real sweet to My MaMaFigure and That Man. She smiles at them when she goes outside for a pee and a poop, except she won't pee and poop. I try to say, "Hey, LuLu! Look at me. This is how they want you to do it", but she doesn't pay attention to me. I showed her how to get in the shower and sit, but I don't think she likes it very much. I like to sit in the shower sometimes, but My MaMaFigure makes me get out. Then I showed her how to grab the dryer sheets and run when My MaMaFigure gets stuff out of the dryer, but she ignored me. After that, I showed her how I jump into the bathtub, but she acted like she didn't think that was fun either.
Well, that is all for now. I hope things settle down around here. That Man says the "inheat" thing will last for a couple more weeks. Until then, I will have to watch what I do because I get growled at.
Mister Bean
P.S. I really do like my sister. She hasn't been all mean to me, we have played a little bit. I guess I am just used to being the Only Pug. I told her to write. She doesn't think she can but she will try. So, please, please, please, humor her and read her blog. I am begging you.

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  1. Mister Bean,
    You are so lucky to have a pug sister! I wish I had a pug sister (or brother)!
    Love, Marlene