Saturday, February 28, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies rock my world!!

I am having a busy weekend! Yesterday me and My MamaFigure started a project together. The Grandgirl is a Brownie and she is selling cookies, so My MamaFigure ordered her favorite --Do-Si-Dos!!! The Grandgirl cannot eat anything with peanut butter in it, so My MamaFigure told me that it was up to the two of us to eat them all before the Grandgirl came to visit us. We started our project Friday afternoon when she got home from her work and worked late into the night while watching a movie.
Saturday morning we ate the last two for breakfast. Whew! Just in time too! The Grandgirl will be here in a few minutes to get her Brownie vest so she can deliver more cookies to other people. I am so happy I got to help My MamaFigure with this project!
That Man likes Samoas. He is on his own because I cannot eat chocolate.
I am really happy that The Grandgirl is a Brownie!!

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