Monday, February 16, 2009

My MamaFigure loves me.

How does my MamaFigure love me? Let me count the ways.

She gives me chewy treats just because she thinks I'm cute.

She lets me cuddle with her all I want.

She never gets mad at me or fusses at me when I have accidents.She just cleans it up and asks me if I have to go outside. After all, I'm just a puppy.

She brushes my teeth with chicken-flavored toothpaste.

She lets me sit on her purple robe lap in the evenings while we watch TV.

She keeps my blanket clean so I won't be stinky in The Hole.

She talks to me.

She and That Man take me to the vet so i won't get sick.

She feeds me Science Diet because she wants me to be healthy.

She brushes my fur and doesn't yell at me when I squirm.

She pets me in the morning until I wake up. She doesn't want me to be scared.

Sometimes she calls me Bean-o. I like it when she calls me Bean-o.

She shares her morning Cheerios with me.

She calls That Man from her work everyday to check on me.

She takes a blanket outside when she sits on the porch so I won't get cold while I'm sitting beside her on the swing.

She pets me all the time.

She is always happy to see me when she gets home.

She hugs me.

She checks my collar to make sure it isn't too tight.

She would like it if I learned tricks, but I really don't have to. She loves me anyway.

She takes me for walks in the yard. If big dogs are around she makes them leave.

She sits in the floor and tosses my toys so I can play chase.

She washes my face because my wrinkles get stuff in them.

She doesn' t mind that I grunt and snort all the time.

My MamaFigure loves me. She tells me all the time.

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