Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Took a Dump at PetSmart Yesterday

Yesterday was a fun, exciting day. I had to stay in The Hole for a little while, but when That Man and My MamaFigure got home they took me to PetSmart! I got lots of attention while I was there. Everybody said how cute I am and wanted to pet me. I felt like a rock star. There was a lot of different smells in the store. Dogs were everywhere and I barked at them while hiding behind That Man's legs. What with all the excitement of feeling like a rock star and the different smells in the store, my bowels began to churn and pretty soon I had to hunker down and poop. That Man called to My MamaFigure and said in a loud whisper, "He's sh****g!!" Well, what was I supposed to do? My bowels were in an uproar. My MamaFigure thought it was funny and laughed.

After my poop was cleaned up, I tried on lots of jackets. I am going camping in a few weeks and That Man and My MamaFigure want me to be warm and look stylish. Here is a picture of me in my new jacket. My MamaFigure says I look cute. That Man thinks I'm cute, but he won't tell me. I think I look gangsta. I like it.


  1. Mister Bean,
    My new blog is marlenemops.blogspot! I am so excited to have a new puggy, bloggy friend!
    Love, Marlene

    P.S. I think it's okay that you pooped inside a store; we have to let 'them' know who is boss!

  2. Dear Marlene,
    Thank you for adding me to your list. You're on mine too. I like your duck. It looks very chewable.
    Mister Bean