Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Favorite Room

Here's a picture of me looking cute in my MamaFigure's sewing room. She spends a lot of time in here telling me to get out of stuff. I think she really likes to, and I want to make her happy, so I find lots of things to do. See the bookcase behind me? My MamaFigure has lots of quilting books and cookbooks in it.
This is my favorite one.
She drops little scraps of cloth in this box.
And I knock it over and grab a piece and run!!!!
Last night I did a really fun thing. My MamaFigure doesn't wear shoes while she sews on her sewing machine. I saw her foot on the foot-thing and it was going up and down making the machine work. I watched her foot for a long time before I jumped on it and bit her toe a little bit. She made a funny sound and it made me bark. And then I ran out of the room.
Yeah, I love to spend time with my MamaFigure in her sewing room.

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