Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Charlotte's Web

This summer has been hot, fun and exciting!! Me and LuLu have spent a lot of time indoors, licking our feet and playing with the Blob Boys, Dirty Bear and New Squirrel. And we found Skunky under a chair!! My MamaFigure almost sucked him up in the vacuum cleaner! I am afraid of the vacuum cleaner. I bark and run when my MamaFigure uses it and she says she has to use it all the time because me and LuLu shed 24/7/365. That Man says the vacuum cleaner contains an entire pug. That is why I am afraid of it. Me and LuLu listen to the vacuum cleaner, trying to hear the trapped pug inside.

My MamaFigure, That Man, the Grandboy and the Grandgirl have been studying a spider all summer. My MamaFigure says it is a writing spider. Our writing spider made a web in the hydrandgea bush and she decorates it with X's and Z's. Here is a picture of her.

We named her Another Charlotte. One of my MamaFigure's favorite books is Charlotte's Web and she says the spider in the story is the same kind of spider as Another Charlotte. She says the story about Charlotte and Wilbur makes her cry. That Man says she will cry some more if Another Charlotte decides to move in the house.
That Man, The Grandboy and The Grandgirl like Charlotte's Web too and they said Charlotte saved Wilbur's life by writing messages in her web. So me and LuLu started respecting Another Charlotte's space!! I don't lift my leg on the hydrangea bush anymore, and LuLu stopped circling, circling, circling and squatting underneath it.
We are hoping Another Charlotte will write "Give Mister Bean Anything He Wants To Eat Even After He Eats Too Much And Throws Everything Up". LuLu wants her to write "We Promise And Cross Our Hearts To Never Make LuLu Take Another Bath Or Wear Clothes Anymore Forever Amen".
Here is a good picture of me standing by the hydrangea bush, totally being respectful of Another Charlotte. I think I look real good in this picture, like a brave guard dog. My MamaFigure says I look real handsome. That Man says I look like a piece of concrete statuary. 

Here is a picture of LuLu. She doesn't look directly into the camera for fear that the Feds will recognize her.

So far Another Charlotte hasn't acknowledged us. That Man says Another Charlotte has used up a lot of her energy making this thing.

It is Another Charlotte's egg sack and That Man says it is full of spider eggs. Since Another Charlotte doesn't have a lot of energy left LuLu suggested we combine our messages into one short message.

More Food No Baths 4 Pugs.
Thank you for reading my blog.
Mister Bean


  1. Mister Bean! I'm so glad you're back to blogging! It sure has been a hot summer now hasn't it? That Charlotte of yours is way cool. Thanks for sharing a couple of great pictures of you and Lulu!!

  2. Thank you dw! I am happy to be back!
    Mister Bean

  3. Mister Bean! You're alive! Oh.My.Dog. I have been sooo worried about you (& Lulu, too)! Let me know if the spider message works!

    Love, Marlene