Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Night We'll Never Forget, if it Really Happened

Three weeks ago My MaMaFigure dressed me and LuLu in these clothes. She had to drag LuLu out from under the dining room table to put hers on. Then we spent the evening out on the Big Porch, dressed in our clothes, and me and LuLu still don't know why our MaMaFigure made us wear them! LuLu said the whole evening was 'surreal', but I say it was almost like it didn't happen, but it did!

Then LuLu noticed that her clothes had wings and she got real excited! LuLu has always wanted to fly and she said she was going to jump off the chair and get some 'sweet air'. So she kept jumping and jumping, but she couldn't make her wings flap. Here is a picture of LuLu, ready for another take-off.

Then I noticed that my clothes had antennas. I got real excited because I want to talk to space pugs. I kept shaking my head back and forth, but I couldn't make them work. Here is a picture of me. LuLu even adjusted one of the antenna for me, so I could pick up a signal. But I never did.

While LuLu was trying to get some sweet air and I was trying to arrange a close encounter, My MaMaFigure and That Man gave candy to SpongeBob Squarepants, a skeleton, a softball player, a hippie girl, and lots of other strange things. Me and LuLu didn't know where they were coming from!
A cow was the last one to get candy and by that time we knew that we weren't going to fly or talk to space pugs. The foofy part of LuLu's dress was torn and dragging behind her and My MaMaFigure had to put one of the yellow balls back on my antenna. LuLu said My MaMaFigure had been flim-flammed into buying defective clothes. We kinda felt sorry for her, since she got flim-flammed and all, so we didn't say anything, but you can see our disappointment in the picture. LuLu looked like a mess, with her torn dress and her little star bonnet was all bent. Even though my antenna didn't work and I didn't get to talk to a space pug, I still think I look pretty good.
Thank you for reading my blog.
Mister Bean


  1. Aww, I think you both look rather nice in your strange clothes, but I am sorry you didn't get to talk to space aliens and that Lulu didn't get to fly....maybe next year?

  2. Don't puggies have the best dreams?

    Love your name Mr. Bean. One of my sons favorite comedians.

  3. This is just the cutest thing ever xxx

  4. Mister Bean,
    I wish I had been there to help you and Lulu! This is really odd... my mom put a PIG costume on me a few months ago! The only thing I did was snort a few times.
    Love, Marlene