Thursday, November 12, 2009

APB on LuLu!!!

This afternoon LuLu went missing and we couldn't find her anywhere! My MamaFigure and That Man and I looked all over the house for her. We could hear her whimpering, but it sounded like she was trapped in the wall! Like she had entered a portal to another dimension, a place where we could hear her, but we couldn't see her anywhere! Wow! I can't believe I just wrote that!!! I don't even know what it means!! All of us were running around the house looking for her. That Man looked everywhere, even outside. My MamaFigure looked in closets and the cabinets, and I was barking and running around the house with them. My MamaFigure would call "LuLu! LuLu!" and we would hear LuLu whimpering again! I didn't think this was fun and exciting at all. I thought it was scary and dangerous! Then I remembered a story I heard about a dog named Lassie and I knew what we needed was a hero, so I thought "what did Lassie do when Little Timmy fell down the well?" So, the next time LuLu whimpered I listened very carefully, just like Lassie would. My MaMaFigure and That Man were running around everywhere, but I followed LuLu's whimpering and I found her!!! She was trapped behind the Woolite for Darks laundry soap and Clorox bleach in the laundry room!!!
My MaMaFigure had picked up the soap to use it and while she was pouring it LuLu had walked under the shelves and when My MaMaFigure put the bottle back down she didn't see LuLu!!
Here is a picture of LuLu trapped behind the Woolite for Darks bottle! It is an instant replay, because just as soon as I found her My MaMaFigure picked her up and hugged her. That Man said LuLu almost caused him to have a heart attack! And here is a picture of the Woolite for Darks bottle. You can see how big and intimidating it is compared to LuLu.
Here is a picture of me and LuLu taken after I rescued her. She was all like "thank you Bean (she doesn't call me Mister)" and I was all like "that's okay kid". I think heroes should always be humble.
I think it would be fun and exciting to have my own TV show, just like Lassie. My MaMaFigure has been whistling the Lassie song for me and I'm practicing sitting still and looking into the camera and holding one of my front paws up, like Lassie did and I think I look pretty good.
Thank you for reading my blog.
Mister Bean


  1. Oh wow Mister Bean!!! You are indeed a hero! A whimpering puggie is back in Mama's arms, the laundry closet is closed up tight (I hope) and Mister Bean is a hero! Yay!!! :) I gave you an award over at my humble little blog! :)

  2. Mister Bean,
    You have done such a great deed! It would have been terrible if you or I had been trapped in there; just imagine!

    Love, Marlene