Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday to That Man!!!!

Today is That Man's birthday! Me and LuLu love That Man! He takes care of us all day while My MaMaFigure is at her job. When My MaMaFigure is home, we follow her from room to room and sometimes it is exhausting. When it's just me and LuLu and That Man, we get to take naps. Sometimes I go to the crate and nap. LuLu climbs on the top of My MaMaFigure's chair and naps. Sometimes That Man goes to the Big Porch and we follow him and nap. Napping on the Big Porch is nice. Then we come in and he makes a sandwich and watches Matlock. I take another nap, but LuLu likes to watch Matlock with That Man.

Here is a picture of me in my Happy Birthday That Man hat. I think I look pretty good in this picture.
He took care of us while My MaMaFigure was gone for One Day, One Night and Another Day with her Church Lady Friends. He fusses sometimes because we walk around in the Comfortable Bed at night. He says we should be sleeping in our crate. Me and LuLu thought we would have to sleep in the crate for One Night, but we didn't!!! That Man must love us a lot!

This is LuLu in her Happy Birthday That Man hat. LuLu doesn't like to take baths, wear clothes or Happy Birthday hats.
Because That Man is good to us and takes care of us, I wrote a special Happy Birthday poem for him. It is called Happy, Happy Birthday to That Man!

Happy, Happy Birthday to That Man
by Mister Bean

Happy, Happy Birthday to That Man!
He drives a big truck, not a minivan.
He cooks supper in a frying pan.
Happy, Happy Birthday to That Man!

That Man is the Boss, but gentle and kind.
He gives us treats of bacon rind.
We travel with the family; we're never left behind.
That Man is the Boss, but gentle and kind.

That Man protects us when he takes us to pee,
in case a big, mean dog in our yard there be.
He chases it away and we bark "Yippee!!!"
'Cause That Man protects us when he takes us to pee.

That Man stays home with us every day.
Me and LuLu think he is A-okay!
We hope My MaMaFigure gives him a big par-tay,
because he deserves the best on his Happy Birthday!!!

That Man says he wants a pineapple pudding for his birthday. I hope My MaMaFigure drops some of it on the floor for me and LuLu. This is a good day and our world is a better place because That Man is in it!

We love you That Man!!!!

Thank you for reading my blog.
Mister Bean


  1. What a great Happy Birthday poem you wrote, Mister Bean!! You do indeed look adorable in that birthday hat. It sounds like That Man is real good to you and LuLu so it's a good thing you had such nice words to say about him. I hope you all get pineapple pudding to celebrate!!

  2. I just found you-am following-thank you for visiting my LIKE GRAMMA'S HOUSE blog. I haven't seen enough of yours to have it figured out yet.BUT I WILL ck in with you as often as I see a new post on MY BLOG LIST. I know you appear to be very busy but I hope you will come back and read-I don't have any pets at this time of our lives but I hope that doesn't disqualify

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