Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Afternoon on the Big Porch

 It is almost time for Leaves to Fall on the Big Porch and My MaMaFigure has been putting the scary scarecrows in the house and on the Big Porch. The scary scarecrows watch everything me and LuLu do! LuLu says the scary scarecrows are spies!!!!  

Yesterday, when me and LuLu were on the Big Porch, we saw this across the street!!!!!!!!

It is a Tree Hugger!!! We saw Tree Huggers on the Green Planet Channel and we know all about them and how they want to save the planet by recycling milk jugs and grass clippings. LuLu says all the major movie stars are Tree Huggers and she thinks our Tree Hugger is Lindsay Lohan. She says Lindsay Lohan wears shoes and socks just like this! We are excited to have a Movie Star Tree Hugger across the street from us!! 

I am also excited because I have just completed my second major motion picture! I will send a color autographed  8x10 of me, Mister Bean, if you will join my Fan Club!

Thank you for reading my blog.
Mister Bean

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  1. Mister Bean! Such a cute video - you are already a star! I love your fall decorated porch! Happy Halloween!