Sunday, August 2, 2009

This Week Will Be Fun and Exciting!

Me and LuLu had to spend the afternoon in The Hole today while My MamaFigure and That Man went to buy a whole lot of food for our Annual Back-to-School Camping Trip. We are going to take The Grandboy and The Grandgirl camping so we can play before they go back to school. I am going to wear my muscle shirt when we go for walks in the campground. I think it makes me look real tough, like I'm the leader of a pug gang. Here is a picture of me in my muscle shirt. Here is another picture of me looking tough, yet cute. My muscle shirt even has a pocket on it! That Man says it's to carry my smokes. I think all the other camping dogs will be respecting me when they see me in my muscle shirt. (That is not a fat roll around my neck. It's just the light.) LuLu is going to wear her new green and pink flamingo dress. It even has her name on it. LuLu hid under the table when My MamaFigure tried to put it on her! She doesn't like to wear clothes or take baths. Here is a picture of LuLu in her new dress. She is all like this is too frilly, it's too poofy, it makes my butt look too big. We think LuLu looks real pretty, but she says she can't be bothered. She says she wants a black motorcycle jacket. We are looking forward to the Annual Back-to-School Camping Trip. I will have pictures and and will tell you all about our adventures next week. We know the trip will be fun and exciting!! Thank you for reading my blog. Sincerely, Mister Bean


  1. Mister Bean,
    I am a girl and therefore I prefer Lulu frilly shirt! I have a pink shirt with a heart on it that I really love! My grandma gave it to me for my first Christmas! I think you would like a plaid outfit I have; sometimes I let Toby wear it because he is a boy and the colors suit him!
    Love, Marlene

  2. awe, my pugs name is Bean too, love your pics!! pugs rule!! take a look at my little girls, Bean's blog if ya want!