Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm Back and We Went Camping Last Week!

Hi everybody!! Mister Bean here with my Comeback Blog!! I am finally over the trauma of 'getting fixed'. Here's a big Bark-Out to Red Bank Animal Hospital for saving my life!!
LuLu and I have had a fun and exciting summer. LuLu went on her first camping trip last week. She has really changed a lot since she 'got fixed'. She thinks she can fly and she likes to dumpster dive in the bathroom garbage. And she wants to play all the time now!! I like LuLu!! All my toys run away, but LuLu is always there for me to play with. But, I still don't think my MamaFigure needs to pet her or show her any affection or anything like that, so everytime I see her close to my MamaFigure I head-butt LuLu and she flies off to the other side of the room. Here is a picture of me sitting at the camper with That Man. See my crate? Me and LuLu had to stay in it sometimes during the day, but we got to sleep with The Grandgirl and My MaMaFigure at night.
We found out something else about LuLu when we went camping. She acts ghetto when she is around other dogs. There are a lot of dogs at the campground, walking around with their people and LuLu wants to fight them all. A black pug came to visit with us. She and I sniffed butts and became friends, but LuLu snarled and growled and was all like "this is my campsite, you're breathing my air". She would even bark at them from inside the camper! Here is a picture of me, wishing LuLu would stop acting ghetto, while she barks at innocent dogs walking by our campsite. Here is a picture of The Grandboy. He is one of my bestest pals in the whole world and I love him. He found a big leaf. LuLu is in the background, sniffing. The campground is full of strange dog smells and we can't hardly concentrate on making a pee or a poop for smelling all those smells.
Here is a picture of The Grandgirl. I love her too, she is another one of my bestest pals in the whole world. LuLu is having a Zen Moment, when she is all at peace with the world. It didn't last very long. As soon as the next dog passed our camper, she became Ghetto Pug again.
We had a real good time, and I hope That Man and our MamaFigure take us camping again real soon.
Mister Bean

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